About Christine Ong-Te Events

Coordination by Christine Ong-Te is a full service event planning, management and consultation. It focuses in event services, program outlining for different types of celebrations. We ensure that the program flow is being followed correspondingly. My company’s goal is to create a truly remarkable and very comely ambience for all your guests.

The coordination group is composed of self motivated, youthful professionals. They are trained affectionately to handle and monitor events. Dedication and attention to details are their foundations in making it a success. Through our experiences in the industry, we have established a far-reaching relationship to notable suppliers. It is our pleasure to present ourselves on having a professional promise to each phase of our clients’ project

Event coordination is simply my passion…

It all started from planning an event from my previous corporate work, often if not most of the time, I was tasked to manage our office social and corporate gatherings.

With my love for dancing and singing, it has even contributed more opportunities for me to choreograph and make an unusual themed event. Yes… you heard it right!! I sing and dance, prior to shifting from corporate to my own event coordination. I have been invited as a wedding singer, and eventually find myself assisting my soon to wed client for their wedding reception details.

Gladly, encouraging response from the guests had been warm and motivating. It inspired me greatly to continue to share what I thought then was just leisure for me, and then special ideas just keep on coming in every event there is to manage….

Then I paused and claimed that Event Coordination is simply my passion!

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