I only wanted a simple get together for my eighteenth birthday, like eating out with my family and friends. But one day, my mother announced that she hired a party planner. So I was quite annoyed that my birthday would be something big.

Until I met Ate Christine. She is a very bubbly person and very approachable. She listens to the needs and wants of her clients. My special request was that since I was having a big celebration, I didn't want it to be boring. And it never was!! I can never stop thinking how grateful I am that she was our planner. My friends kept on saying how great the party was and how much they enjoyed it.

I am very happy to have met ate christine, and that the party was a big success! Though its also depressing to think that we would not see each other for some time, I am sure that we will still keep in touch! Love you ate christine and you're the best!!

- Meg Layco
August 16, 2008
Edsa Shangri-La Hotel

I would like to recommend for everyone to prepare their wedding in just one month like we did, with Christine's help of course, that would be possible without any compromise in spite of the limited time and a busy schedule. I've always been known by my friends to be very OC, a perfectionist, and an artist (by night, doctor by day ;p).

I had ideas for my wedding that I thought I would no longer be able to execute, like playing a song from final fantasy (only playstation fanatics could relate to that) for my wedding march, a specific floral arrangement I have in mind for the aisle of St. Andrew's church, a long bouquet instead of the usual round ones, just to name a few. Christine knew the right people and we all met at the right time, that is, after office hours. She made our wedding tailored to our wants and needs. I felt very assured knowing she's around. Everyone loved our wedding, when my friends asked me how I was able to do it, I said it's because of Christine, she helped make our dream wedding come true. :)

- Dr. Anna Tankeh-Lin
September 3, 2008
St. Andrew The Apostle Parish Church
Rizal Ballroom, Makati Shangri-La

If you want your wedding and debut to be very organized, if you want it fun and full of activities, Christine Ong Te is the perfect person to contact!

Christine is the type of Debut Planner who lets you express yourself. she never told me to do this and that for my debut, she would always ask me what i want and give me mountains of suggestions for one simple thing. She makes your special day the Most Memorable one! My Debut was a blast, i had myself and friends enjoy the whole thing. they were amazed by the activies such as The Photo Booth and the Send Me A Message thingy. The moment my friends entered the grand ballroom of Hotel Intercon, all they could say were,"Wow" and "OMG, this is totally Denden" because everything there were the things i liked. another thing i liked with working with pooh is that you accomplish things for your event and at the same time you establish a new relationship. Pooh wasnt just my debut coordinator, she was also a friend to me. She talks to me like we have been friends for so long. She's like the "Ate" i never had.

After my debut, it kinda brought sadness, because i would really miss the meetings, the brainstorming and bondings we had. im really someone who gets attached to a person easily.Pooh, im really grateful that i met you, you made my debut the best one really! i'll miss you.really. iloveyah. mwah. lets collect more ballpens!haha..mwah. keep it up! You're the Best Coordinator EVER!!!!

- Denisse Angelica A. Hechanova
Hotel Intercon

Relatives would tell us we didn't need a wedding coordinator. I can't blame them for advising that – they survived without one. But then planning a wedding can be a very stressful task. Since Mer and I wanted our wedding to be perfect in every way, the decision to get a wedding coordinator was mutual.

We met Christine 2 months before our wedding. She was very accommodating and pleasant to talk to. There was instant rapport thus we knew she'd be the perfect coordinator for us. On top of everything, she's very organized – an ideal match for an OC person like me. A wedding coordinator should be someone you can trust, someone you're completely comfortable with, and you should feel assured that she completely understands your needs. With Christine, it was all that – and more. She was like an ice cream with sprinkles on top. It wasn't just a client-supplier relationship, it was more of the start of a friendship.

Because of Christine and her efficient staff, Mer and I not only have wonderful memories to look back to, but we also have the gift of friendship to bring home with us.

- Kreymmer and Aleeza

WOW Christine! If I have to describe your service in a word, it would be: PROFESSIONALISM. You made our wedding truly memorable and a huge success. From the initial planning down to execution until closing, you kept all your words and promises. We felt your sincerity, dedication and commitment in helping us throughout the life cycle of our wedding event. You simply turned our dreams into reality on our wedding night.

That night our entire guest loved how the wedding reception turned-out and that the only feedback we got was "this is an exceptionally beautiful wedding." Our guest loved how the church and reception coordination turned-out. They were amazed with your strategies and how you organized all big and small details of the wedding event. Until now we and our friends still talk about the fun and memories of our well-planned wedding. All I can say is that you were able to apply and execute your expertise with perfection. Christine, again, you are simply the best and second to none!

I hope our little message could speak more than enough to those people who seeks perfection in their wedding. Wedding Coordination by Christine-Ong-Te Events indeed got the right attitude and appropriate "STYLE" that every highly ambitious couple out there is looking for!

We salute you, our friend,

- Oswald Go and Mae Christine Go

Preparing for a wedding is a daunting task for a couple. But with Christine's help, from the planning to the day of the wedding, everything was a breeze. I remember the day we first met with her, she was friendly and very accomodating. We liked her instantly.

She made sure that we were able to meet up with all the suppliers at days which were convenient for both me and my husband. We really appreciate that. We had no doubt that she will be able to help us make our dream wedding come true. Sure enough, even several months now after our wedding, our family and friends still remember how beautiful and perfect our wedding day was!

I guess, that's the best complement we ever had! Just knowing that all we have envisioned our wedding to be came true and that our friends and loved ones also enjoyed our wedding day as much as we did is enough. Thanks to Christine and her efficient staff, we have beautiful memories to carry with us as we start our new life together. And to this day, we always recommend her to all our friends.

Thanks for all the help!

- Mike and Jacq

Feb 18, 2007
santuario de san antonio
makati shangri-la hotel

Having arranged countless weddings, we know you have received as many Thank you's as you can possibly remember. But I guess each appreciation is special in some ways and hope ours will make a mark as it comes straight from our hearts.

Ricky and I was so grateful for everything that you have done for us during the preparation, the momentous event and after it. Being offshore during the crucial stage of the wedding preparation was a challenge but your commitment and service helped a lot to make things flow smoothly until our Big Day.

We look forward to more events with you as you have become the official family event organizer.

Thanks again to Christine Ong-Te events!

- Ricky & Jenny Baroña
December 16, 2006
Minor Basicila of San Sebastian
Rizal Ballroom, Makati Shangri-La Hotel

We had a very beautiful wedding last July,2007. Thanks a lot guys!! They assist our guest very well. "GREAT TEAM" especially "PooH" our coordinator. Whom took 1 year in preparing our perfect wedding... hehehe => yun lang nga, "PINADUGO NIYA ANG ILONG KO" hahaha... joke lang... seriously, This lovely lady never fail to assist EVERYTHING thru out the preparation. She's not just a coordinator but a caring friend. even our engagement and all (she love to help).

Love u sis!!! miss ko na kayo...=> Keep it Up!!! see u around!!! thanks much... muah =p -

July 29, 2007

i couldnt thank you enough. it was d best my friends have attended daw...i owe it to you...when it comes to events...i could only trust you

Dr. Gina Piano
JS Piano Debut
July 28, 2007
Edsa Shangri-la Hotel-Isla Ballroom

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